Data Storage Products

Vault 8000

Vector Data Vault 8000 Series storage systems are designed to adapt faster to changing business needs while delivering on core IT requirements for uptime, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Our most powerful hybrid storage array, the Vault 8080 EX, is built specifically for business-critical workloads requiring massive performance (up to 4M IOPS), multi-PB scale, and leading flash integration—including all-flash configurations. The NEBS Level 3 and ETSI certified Vault 8040 and 8060 have both AC and DC power options, providing network operators with a consistent storage product across their entire infrastructure.

  Complete business operations faster
Leveraging a new high-performance, multi-core architecture and self-managing flash acceleration, Vault 8000 unified scale-out systems boost throughput and decrease latency to deliver consistent application performance across a broad range of SAN and NAS workloads

  Perfect for NFV (network function virtualization)
The Vault 8000 offers full support for OpenStack, VMware and other leading virtualization platforms, letting you combine the performance and security of Netapp Data ONTAP® with the flexibility and unified management of cloud deployments. Vault 8000 is the perfect foundation for SDN and the network of the future.

  Streamline IT operations
Simplified management and proven integration with cloud providers let you deploy the Vault 8000 in your data center and in a hybrid cloud with confidence. Nondisruptive operations simplify long-term scaling and improve uptime by facilitating hardware repair, tech refreshes, and other updates without planned downtime.

  Deliver superior TCO
Proven storage efficiency and a 2x increase in price/performance over the previous generation reduce capacity utilization and improve long term ROI. FlexArray storage virtualization software lets you integrate existing arrays with the Vault 8000, increasing consolidation and providing even greater value to your business.

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