Data Storage Products

Vault E2700

The Vector Data Vault E2700 storage system is a NEBS Level 3 and ETSI certified high-performance solution designed to provide simple SAN storage that fits seamlessly into almost any application-driven storage environment, with a variety of host connectivity options, drive options, and multiple disk shelf options. This storage system provides optimal performance efficiency with high bandwidth and IOPS levels while minimizing complexity and maintenance, power, and space requirements. The intuitive interface of the E2700 simplifies installation and maintenance, and it provides enterprise-level storage capabilities to deliver consistent performance, data integrity, and security.

Key Benefits:

  Easy to Use and Configure
The highly configurable architecture of the Vault E2700 storage system makes it easy to use and install. This system is well suited for any small, remote, or branch office, as well as any enterprise environment in which minimizing cost and complexity is critical.

  Seamless Application Integration and Operations
The E2700 fits seamlessly into any application-driven storage environment, with multiple host interfaces, drive technologies, and disk shelf options. The E2700 incorporates worry-free technology to minimize ongoing management and maintenance.

  Streamlined Performance
The streamlined design of the E2700 is well suited for a wide range of workloads. It provides high bandwidth and input/output operations per second (IOPS) levels for today’s applications, with an architecture built to drive optimal performance.

  Perfect for NFV (network function virtualization)
The Vault E2700 offers full support for OpenStack, VMware and other leading virtualization platforms, it is the perfect foundation for SDN and the network of the future.

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