Data Storage Products

Vault E5500

Designed to improve operational efficiency, reduce data center footprint, and maintain high availability, the performance-efficient Vault E5500 storage system meets demanding performance and capacity requirements without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency.

The modular flexibility of the E-Series—with two disk drive/controller shelves, multiple drive types, and a complete selection of interfaces—enables custom configurations optimized and able to scale as needed. The maximum storage density of the E5500 reduces rack space by up to 60%, power use by up to 40%, and cooling requirements by up to 39%.

Key Features:

  Massive bandwidth performance, high IOPS, and extreme density support data-intensive solutions.

  Modular design enables efficient scaling for performance and capacity. Two distinct shelves and four drive types allow custom configurations optimized to meet performance and capacity requirements.

  Field-proven architecture delivers high reliability and 99.999% uptime. The Vector Data Vault E5500 is based on a field-proven architecture designed to provide high reliability and availability.

  SANtricity software and DDP simplify storage and data management, protection, and utilization.

  Perfect for NFV (network function virtualization)- The Vault E5500 offers full support for OpenStack, VMware and other leading virtualization platforms, it is the perfect foundation for SDN and the network of the future.

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