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About Us


Vector Data was founded in Berkeley, California to address the computing needs of customers both inside and outside of the data center.  "Deploy Anywhere" is the mantra that we work by.  As computing continues to reach every corner of the globe and beyond with technologies such as IoT and 5G, the need to push the boundaries of where computers can operate is always increasing.

Vector Data's two largest markets are Telecom and Defense, but our products are utilized in many other industries including aerospace, aviation, transportation, first responders, maritime, oil & gas, security and more.

Many of Vector Data's products come to life by request from data center equipment manufacturers or end-user customers.  Vector Data works with most leading data center equipment manufacturers to bring their products to new markets and harsh environments.   Frequent requests are custom power supplies (-48V DC, HVDC), custom chassis, dust filtration, wide temperature ratings, altitude certification, NEBS Level 3, ETSI, MIL-STD-810 among many others.  Customers also bring requests to Vector Data when they want to use a particular product in a way the manufacturer never intended.  Many COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) products will fail in Telecom and Defense environments and Vector Data engineers solutions to these problems.

In the future we look forward to continuing to push the limits of where technology can be deployed.