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Custom Engineering

Vector Data designs custom servers, compact rugged computers, data storage, network equipment, customer premise equipment and more.  We are experts in taking COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) products and converting them to rugged and carrier-grade products for industries such as telecom, defense, space, transportation, oil & gas and other industries requiring enhanced hardware capabilities.  These customizations can include custom chassis, custom power supplies, dust filtration, shock absorption, liquid protection, altitude certification, extended high and low operating temperatures, NEBS, ETSI, MIL-STD-810G and more.  Vector Data has designed or customized hundreds of products for Fortune 500 manufacturers.

Technical Support

Vector Data maintains 24x7x365 phone support based in the US.  Manufacturer-certified, expert-level engineers answer calls typically within seconds without the need to be escalated through multiple levels of support eligibility verification, case creation, engineer level escalation, shift changes and problem reiteration.  Many customers prefer to call our support team for faster resolutions.  Vector Data maintains global parts depots for Next Business Parts Delivery to most locations and 4 Hour Parts Delivery to select locations.

Vector Data supports Legacy Systems that have been deemed End of Life, End of Sale or End of Support by manufacturers.  Vector Data maintains the world's largest inventory of spare parts for legacy systems with over 500,000 square feet of legacy parts from IBM, Cisco, Dell EMC, NetApp, Supermicro, Sun Microsystems and more.

Global Deployment & Professional Services

Vector Data has deployed data centers and telecom sites on every continent.  Our field deployment engineers can install and configure your systems worldwide and many times at no charge with equipment purchase.  Our field technicians can also handle on-site emergency support at most major data center locations worldwide.


Vector Data offers consulting in several areas of expertise including NFV, private cloud infrastructure, data storage and backups, thermal chassis design, electrical engineering and more.

Rack Integration

Vector Data offers rack integration services at its Berkeley CA, Pasadena CA and Northville NY locations.  We can integrate and stage your entire rack including multi-vendor hardware installation, cabling, labeling, asset tagging, software installation and configuration, custom crating and logistics services to your data centers and field locations.

Spare Parts Management

Vector Data can manage the testing, warehousing and shipment of your spare parts to your data centers and field locations.  When you don't have a part in your spares pool, Vector Data likely has the part in stock from its extensive spare parts inventory dating back over 20 years.


Vector Data has 6 distribution warehouses in the US and can store customer equipment, usually at no charge during staging and decommissioning.

Asset Recovery

Vector Data accepts trade-ins on all purchases and will also directly purchase or recycle any equipment.  With a zero-landfill policy, Vector Data ensures your equipment will be reused or recycled.  Vector Data can offer deinstallation, packing and shipping and secure data wiping services.

Lab Services

Vector Data maintains Test Labs at three locations across the US including over 100 data center cabinets and various chambers for thermal, altitude, vibration and other testing.  Vector Data can test multi-vendor solutions in our lab at no charge before sending solutions to the customer lab for validation, saving time in the testing cycle.

Trade-in to the Cloud

Vector Data allows customers to trade-in physical data center infrastructure for cloud services credits.  This includes servers, routers, switches, storage, security appliances and more.  Simply set up a Trade-in to the Cloud account through our Sales Department, ship your equipment back to our closest receiving warehouse, and we will credit your AWS or other cloud services account with credits.  We can also arrange to deinstall and pick up your equipment and deduct the service fees from your credit amount.