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64-bit PCI-X Ultra320 SCSI Single-Channel - Host Bus Adapter



The LSI Logic LSI20320-R Ultra320 SCSI single-channel host adapter is the right choice for increasing storage performance within servers and high-performance workstations. With 320MB/s throughput and capability of up to 50,000 I/Os per second, this adapter is ideal for quickly moving large amounts of data. Designed to provide a dedicated connection to Ultra320 disk drives or storage enclosures, the LSI20320-R delivers sensational performance. This card also provides for increased reliability and performance with on-board Integrated RAID [0 (striping), 1(mirroring), and 1E (enhanced mirroring)]. LSI Logic Integrated RAID is hardware-based and operating system independent resulting in exceptional performance without requiring special drivers. Features: Supports a single RAID volume RAID 0, 1 or 1E Ultra320 SCSI, PCI-X 133MHz 320 MBps data transfer rates MD2 form factor, low profile bracket available upon request Fusion-MPT architecture featuring 50,000 IO/s Connects up to 15 internal/external connects such as JBOD, RAID, hard disk drives Supports all major operating systems Supports Sun and Intel based systems

For more information: Please e-mail us at This item has been tested and refurbished by our technicians

64-bit PCI-X Ultra320 SCSI Single-Channel - Host Bus Adapter LSI20320-R LSI20320L-R, LSI20320-R, LSI20320-R-REF