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Vault Edge X2250


Vault Edge Servers provide telecom operators with ultimate performance, deployment flexibility and cost savings, and are the perfect building block for 5G and NFV infrastructure. Available with -48V DC or 100-240V AC power supplies among other options, Vault Edge Servers can be deployed at any sites from Core to Edge and are available with optional NEBS Level 3, ETSI and ATT-TP-76200 certifications as well as other global telecom certifications. Vault Edge Servers have been tested in extreme high and low temperature, humid, and dusty environments and have passed earthquake, shock and vibration testing.

Vault Edge Servers bring the latest available technologies in CPU, memory, SSD, NVMe and GPU’s to the telecom market. Vector Data strives to certify new products quickly so carriers can benefit from newer technology efficiencies rather than using older technology typically found in telecom servers. Vault Edge Servers are the lowest cost telecom-certified servers in the industry and yield tremendous cost savings for operators when compared with other major server vendors. Based in Berkeley, California, Vector Data has been providing Carrier-Grade systems to telecom operators for over 15 years.

Vault Edge X2250 Datasheet