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Barracuda SSL-VPN 380Vx Base



Barracuda SSL VPN 380Vx

Secure. Straightforward. Affordable.

Key Features

Security Features

  • Supports Active Directory, LDAP, NIS and built-in user databases
  • Policy-based rights management
  • Multi-layered authentication schemes
  • RADIUS, PIN and public key authentication
  • One-time password authentication via email or SMS
  • Supports SecurID, VASCO, Safeword and CryptoCard authentication tokens
  • Supports Aladdin eToken, SafeNet iKey and other PKI USB devices
  • Client access controls based on operating system and web browser version
  • Automatic cache cleaning on logout
  • Web application URL masking
  • Virtual keyboard

VPN Features

  • Intranet web site forwarding
  • Network file system browsing
  • Web Application Single Sign-On
  • Remote Desktop Single Sign-On
  • Barracuda SSL VPN Agent: Java agent for clientless deployment
  • L2TP/IPsec and PPTP Mobile Device support
  • Barracuda Network Connector: Installable VPN client for IP connectivity
  • Local Windows Explorer drive mapping
  • Site-to-site connectivity
  • Configurable SSL tunnels
  • Multiple user logon realms

Virus Scanning

  • Virus, spyware and malware scanning
  • Decompression of archives
  • File type blocking

Auditing and Reporting Capabilities

  • Track file, web and network access
  • Reports in PDF, CSV and text formats
  • Granular controls for access and policy
  • Health monitoring
  • Network utilization and appliance load statistics

Support Options

Energize Updates Subscription

  • Standard technical support
  • Hourly virus definition updates
  • Application definitions
  • Security updates
  • Firmware updates

Barracuda SSL VPN 380Vx Specifications

Maximum Concurrent Users

  • 50

Number of CPU Cores Allowed

  • 2

If you would like more information on this or other Barracuda Products Please contact our sales department by sending an email or by calling us at (877) Vector Data.

Barracuda SSL-VPN 380Vx Base BVSV380a