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Barracuda SSL-VPN 680Vx Base



Barracuda SSL VPN 680Vx

Secure. Straightforward. Affordable.

Key Features

Security Features

  • Supports Active Directory, LDAP, NIS and built-in user databases
  • Policy-based rights management
  • Multi-layered authentication schemes
  • RADIUS, PIN and public key authentication
  • One-time password authentication via email or SMS
  • Supports SecurID, VASCO, Safeword and CryptoCard authentication tokens
  • Supports Aladdin eToken, SafeNet iKey and other PKI USB devices
  • Client access controls based on operating system and web browser version
  • Automatic cache cleaning on logout
  • Web application URL masking
  • Virtual keyboard

VPN Features

  • Intranet web site forwarding
  • Network file system browsing
  • Web Application Single Sign-On
  • Remote Desktop Single Sign-On
  • Barracuda SSL VPN Agent: Java agent for clientless deployment
  • L2TP/IPsec and PPTP Mobile Device support
  • Barracuda Network Connector: Installable VPN client for IP connectivity
  • Local Windows Explorer drive mapping
  • Site-to-site connectivity
  • Configurable SSL tunnels
  • Multiple user logon realms

Virus Scanning

  • Virus, spyware and malware scanning
  • Decompression of archives
  • File type blocking

Auditing and Reporting Capabilities

  • Track file, web and network access
  • Reports in PDF, CSV and text formats
  • Granular controls for access and policy
  • Health monitoring
  • Network utilization and appliance load statistics

Support Options

Energize Updates Subscription

  • Standard technical support
  • Hourly virus definition updates
  • Application definitions
  • Security updates
  • Firmware updates

Barracuda SSL VPN 680Vx Specifications

Maximum Concurrent Users

  • 500

Number of CPU Cores Allowed

  • 4 or more

If you would like more information on this or other Barracuda Products Please contact our sales department by sending an email or by calling us at (877) Vector Data.

Barracuda SSL-VPN 680Vx Base BVSV680a