StoreVault S500

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Storage Simplified™ The StoreVault S500 is an all-in-one storage appliance that is capable of NAS, SAN and DAS right out of the box. Capacities start at 1TB and can scale to 6TB. StoreVault Manager, the graphical management interface, is simple and intuitive to users familiar with Windows-based applications.

StoreVault S500 Specifications

System Software Specifications

Operating System

Network Appliance™ Data ONTAP® StoreVault Edition

Standard Software Features

Integrated automatic RAID manager, up to 255 Snapshots™, e-mail alerts, NIS, DNS, SNMP, NDMP, FlexVol™

Security Integration

UNIX/Macintosh NIS, Windows Active Directory and Windows Workgroup (local) integration

NAS Protocol Support

NFS V2/V3/ over UDP or TCP, NFS client authentication, Microsoft® CIFS

SAN Protocol Support

Fibre Channel and iSCSI
Up to 32 LUNs

RAID Support

RAID 4, RAID-DP, Global Hot Spare

System Hardware Specifications


2U, 19" rack-mountable

Power Supplies

Dual redundant, hot pluggable

Max. Raw Capacity


Disk Drives

Up to 12 250GB and 500GB SATA II

DDR2 Memory (System RAM)

1024 MB

Nonvolatile SDRAM (NVRAM)

256 MB

Integrated I/O

2 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Copper
1 9-pin serial port for console diagnostics

Optional SCSI Card

68-pin LVD Ultra 160

Environmental Specifications

AC Power / Max. Current

100 to 120VAC, 9A; 200 to 240VAC, 4.5A

Thermal Rating

1706 Btu/hr (fully loaded shelf)

Dimensions (height/width/depth)

2 EIA U (3.5" 13.3 cm) / 19" EIA rack compliant (17.6", 44.7 cm) / 20" (50.8 cm)

Weight (max.)

52.0 lb (35.8 kg) fully loaded

Operating Temperature & Relative Humidity

0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F); 20% to 85% relative humidity, non condensing)

Non-operating Temperature & Relative Humidity

-40°C to 65°C (-40° F to 149° F); 20% to 95% relative humidity, non condensing)

Operating Acoustic Noise

61 dBA @ 1m at 23°C

Min. Service Clearances

10.55" (26.8 cm) front; 16.3" (41.4 cm) rear

StoreVault Manager Installation Requirements

Hardware requirements

Intel-based PC with single 2 GHz CPU (Xeon or Pentium 4)
40 MB of free disk space minimum
512 MB of memory minimum

Software requirements

Windows 2000 server (Service Pack2 or later)
Windows XP
Windows 2003 server

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